Phone Entertainment Jobs and Phone Sex / PSO Employment

MB Company LLC Principium is now hiring women for all of our Tele-Audio phone sex jobs. We want you, the single mom, the college student and even the retired women. We love all ages, accents, and backgrounds!

Principium is owned and operated by a professional Woman-Man team which ensures the best of both worlds! We are looking for independent, self-starting women who are intelligent and handle themselves in a mature manner. This is not a dispatch company, and you will be required to work hard for your pay. We provide you with a means to take calls, and with clientele and you must work to get additional clientele, leads, and sales.

We are currently looking for girls with all voices, backgrounds, and accents. We need teen (young-sounding voices), normal sounding voices, any accents are a plus. We need girls who are dominant, submissive and anything in between. If you are an older woman, 50+ please do not be afraid to apply! We have a spot for everyone! We also expect our girls to be No Taboo, No Limit girls, especially girls working on our Teen sites. Experience is a plus, however it is not required because we do provide training.

To check out our REQUIREMENTS, please click here.